All Scorpyd Crossbows come with a printed manual and a dvd. You can also find segments of the dvd on how to use you crossbow on Youtube. Please pay strict attention to all safety precautions, and if you do not understand how to use your crossbow, DO NOT USE IT until you do. Below is a helpful list of making sure your shooting experience will be safe and enjoyable.
2. Watch DVD
3. Understand how your Anti-dryfire and trigger mechanism operate.
4. Follow ALL safety precautions at ALL times. Do NOT have an arrow loaded in the crossbow unless you are in the act of hunting, or ready to shoot at a target. Remember that a cocked crossbow is stored energy.
5. Overcome your urge to see how tight of a group you can shoot, you WILL damage your arrows. Pick multiple spots on the target to shoot at. This will prevent damage to your arrows, as well as make it easier to remove arrows from targets.
6. Inspect your arrows and nock before each shot. Make sure that the nock is indexed correctly, and that it is not cracked. ALso flex the arrow. This is critical! Shooting a damaged arrow can result in injury or damge to your Scorpyd Crossbow.
7. Inspect strings and cables frequently. Some wear is normal.
8. The only safe way to unload a Scorpyd Crossbow is to shoot it.
9. Use only accessories recommended by Scorpyd.

Some common questions are:

Q. Can I keep my Scorpyd cocked overnight?
A. NO! You should discharge your crossbow at the end of each hunt. You should not transport a cocked crossbow, it is even illegal in some states.

Q. How should I carry my crossbow?
A. The best way to carry your crossbow is one hand on the pistol grip, and the other hand on the forearm, especially if the crossbow is cocked. You may also use a shoulder sling to carry your crossbow, but do not carry a cocked crossbow over your shoulder.

Q. Can I de-cock my Scorpyd Crossbow?
A. No, you must shoot your crossbow to unload it.