Accessorizing your Scorpyd is as simple or complex as your wishes. You may opt for the most basic accessories, or go all out and have the ultimate crossbow package!


Scorpyd owners are using all types and brands of scopes. Some opt for the most basic single crosshair scope. Many people take advantage of an illuminated and speed adjustable scope, while others use an adjustable mount, such as an HHA Optimizer Speed Dial, and a variable power scope. Many even use Trijicon, Swarovski, Vortex, and Zeiss to top off the world’s best crossbow. Unlike conventional crossbows, Scorpyd Crossbows are smooth shooting, with very little shock or vibration.

Arrow Selection

DO NOT SHOOT GROUPS! Shooting a damaged arrow that has previously struck by another arrow can cause the damaged arrow to explode. DO NOT SHOOT GROUPS!

Selecting the right arrow is more important than any other decision you make once you purchase your Scorpyd. The use of high quality arrows is a must. A 200-250 spine stiffness is preferred, as the arrow will recover much quicker coming off the bow, and will help increase accuracy at longer range.   Scorpyd has worked with Industry leaders to come up with the best arrow choices for our crossbows.  If it says Scorpyd SPEC Arrows, you know that the arrow is engineered to deliver optimum performance for the task at hand.  Scorpyd SPEC GoldTip Laser III are custom engineered to be a great choice for most every hunting situation.  A stiff spine coupled to a custom weighted insert offers great speed and accuracy.  The Scorpyd SPEC BlackEagle Executioner fletched with AeroVane II vanes offer even greater precision and accuracy.   For the ULTIMATE Arrow choice, there is no option other than the Scorpyd SPEC AeroBolt II by Firenock.  All Scorpyd Crossbows are capable of 1″ groups at 100 yards (this depends on the arrows and the shooter), but most shooters do not require this type of accuracy, so pick the arrows that fit your situation.

An arrow weight of 400 grains is required for all Scorpyd Crossbows that are factory rated above 340 f.p.s. The use of 100 grain points is just fine. You do not need to use heavier tips for more K.E., Scorpyd has plenty to spare! For the ULTIMATE arrow, we recommend AEROBLT II, made by Firenock.

Nock Selection


USE OF THE “Q” NOCK IS REQUIRED WITH ALL SCORPYD CROSSBOWS.  This nock snaps onto the bow string, just like on a vertical bow, and insures proper function of the ADF.  This nock also insures that the string stays in contact with the arrow.

All Scorpyd Crossbow arrows come with “Q” nocks. These nocks actually snap onto the bowstring, just like a conventional arrow nock on a vertical bow. Use of any other type of nock may void your warranty. If you want to use illuminated nocks, there are only 2 that Scorpyd authorizes, and this is due to the extreme performance that our crossbows deliver. Firenock offers a premium lighted nock with a lifetime guaranty, and the lighted circuit fits right into the “Q” nock. The other lighted nock is made by Luminok, and you must use the capture style version of the Luminok.

The use of half moon, or crescent, nocks does work , but IS NOT recommended. If these nocks are not indexed incorrectly, the bow string may go under the arrow and partially dry fire the crossbow. THIS IS NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY.

Broad Head Selection

Scorpyd and our customers have tried many broad heads over the years. We have long known that using the wrong broad head will diminish the accuracy of the bow, and sometimes even cause some broad heads to not function properly. The unprecedented speed of some of our crossbows causes most fixed blade broad heads to “plane” off course. The fixed blades are fighting the vanes, which causes unacceptable performance. The only fixed blade we currently recommend is the RamCat. As for mechanical, we have had the best luck with the Rage Crossbow head and the Rage Extreme, both with the locking collar. We also have had great success with RamCat Broad heads.

Slings and Quivers

Most conventional style quivers will work on a Scorpyd crossbow. We suggest a quick detach quiver, and no quiver is better than Scorpyd’s own quiver called “The GRIP”, currently available. When picking the right sling, you must ask yourself what is most important to you. Is your priority finding one that is the most comfortable while carrying the crossbow, or the easiest sling to remove once you get to the stand? Some slings can answer all of your needs, such as Limbsaver or Slogan custom slings.

SHHHHH! Quiet Please

Your Scorpyd Crossbow is already the quietest and smoothest crossbow you can get, but some of you want to take it to the extreme. Scorpyd offers vibration and noise killing products from BowJax and Limbsaver. You can put vibration dampers on the riser, limbs, stirrup, and barrel. All Scorpyd crossbows come with string stops, which help stop string vibration. Now available are Scorpyd’s Patented SDS String Dampening System. These are spring loaded dampers with a Titanium piston which allow the string to decelerate smoothly instead of “smacking” a rigid stopper.