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The Reverse Draw Technology Advantage

The Reverse Draw Technology created by Jim Kempf has innovated how crossbows should be made. Reverse Draw Technology has many advantages over traditional crossbows and other hunting tools, giving greater performance and efficiency.

Reverse Draw hunting Crossbow Technology

Reverse Draw Technology Crossbow History

Basic crossbow design has been around for over 1000 years, with little change. Yes the industry has evolved with scopes, cams, more reliable triggers, and modern materials, but there was still one constant to achieve maximum performance: a crossbow had to have a heavy draw weight, resulting in much shock and a loud report when firing! Our patent pending short travel S.T.A.G. trigger has the industries best rated pull at less than 3#, with no creep. Add to that a built in bolt sensor that makes it nearly impossible to dry fire, and ambidextrous safety that’s easy to reach, and you have the best of the best. Scorpyd Crossbows is the inventor of Reverse Draw Technology crossbows, with numerous U.S. Patents issued and many pending.

The Advantages of Reverse Draw Crossbows

As all hunters know, speed is in the stroke. Shorter brace height bow = longer power stroke. Longer power stroke = faster arrow speed. Faster arrow speed = flatter trajectory. By reversing the riser and limb arrangement, and putting the string at the leading edge, Jim essentially eliminated all of the brace height, which maximized the power stroke. Pulling the string into the curve of the limbs instead of away from the limbs, the power stroke has dramatically increased, and so has performance.

Components of Reverse Draw Technology

The Components of Reverse Draw Technology include:

  • Patent pending lock assembly utilizing MIM technology, Components include Latch, SEER, Safety, Trigger Arm, and unique Anti-dry fire mechanism, industry leading 2.5# trigger pull. All of the safety of heavier triggers, but less than 1/2 the weight. Exclusive direct mount ball bearing trigger arm, for the smoothest pull and no Slop.
  • Folding Stock with Magnetic Closure
  • CNC engineered Cams with sealed ball bearings and stainless steel axles.
  • Barnsdale Laminated Limbs
  • Titanium Fasteners, screws will never rust
  • Fully Machined Billet limb pockets
  • Fully machined forged riser
  • Integrated arrow retainer
  • Weaver style scope rail
  • Built in rope cocking channel
  • Sling Swivels Standard
  • Premium Ambidextrous Glass filled nylon stock strength, lightweight.
  • Ambidextrous safety with stainless steel actuator
  • Exclusive center balance mount for Tripod, Bipod, or Monopod.
  • Ergonomically designed safety forearm helps prevent thumb from entering danger zone
  • Limbsavers Tiptamers
  • Exclusive FOC (Front of Cam) string technology
  • Bowjax string stoppers
  • Fully Machined FAS-TRAC barrel with hard coat anodizing, will not wear off.
  • Billet one piece cable fasteners
  • ViperX strings and Cables
  • Machined aluminum stirrup with industry first integrated quiver mount and integrated string stoppers.

Scorpyd Reverse Draw Technology Crossbows

Scorpyd Crossbows comes in several distinct brands: the VTEC, Ventilator, and ORION. For more information on each of these different brands, please visit our Crossbows section.

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Header2.pngScorpyd Crossbows is the inventor of Reverse Draw Technology Crossbows with numerous U.S. patents issued and many pending. Our patent pending short travel S.T.A.G. trigger has the industry’s best rated pull at less than 3#, with no creep. To view or buy our products, view our VTEC, Ventilator, and ORION crossbows pages, or contact us for more information.