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Orion A


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The ORION EXTREME is Scorpyd’s newest generation of it’s Patented Reverse Draw Technology Crossbows.  Based on the tried and true Ventilator Crossbow platform, the ORION features a non-folding stock.  This new stock is nearly a half pound lighter than the folding stock on other Scorpyd Crossbows, which allows the ORION EXTREME to tip the scales at a mere 7.5# (without accessories).  This new stock also allows for the use of the optional AcuDraw crank cocking device.  The ORION stock also allows for multiple length of pull options, depending on which butt pad you choose.  Standard length of pull is 13″ without a pad, and the optional Limbsaver pad puts the length of pull at 14″

Another feature of the ORION stock is the use of 1911 style pistol grips, which allows you to really trick out your Scorpyd Crossbow!


Scorpyd ORION EXTREME Crossbow Features

  • Patented Reverse Draw Technology
  • Kempf-Tec Trigger (PATENTED)
  • 18 1/2″ Power Stroke
  • 12 7/8″ axle to axle when cocked
  • 34 1/2″ overall length without butt pad
  • 7.5# mass weight without accessories
  • Non-Folding stock
  • Optional AcuDraw crank cocking device
  • Optional Limbsaver butt pad
  • Optional 1911 style pistol grips
  • Anti-Dryfire device (PATENTED)
  • MIM Trigger components
  • Forged Riser
  • Barnsdale Laminated Limbs
  • Titanium Fasteners
  • ViperX Strings and Cables
  • Vented Barrel
  • Vented Forearm
  • Mil Spec Type III Anodize
  • Perfect Balance

Scorpyd ORION EXTREME Crossbow Kits and Packages

ORION EXTREME Base Kit Includes:

  • Scorpyd ORION crossbow in your choice of Draw Weight
  • String Stops
  • Scope rail
  • Sling Studs
  • Short Sled Cocker (not included with ACUdraw)
  • With or Without AcuDraw

ORION EXTREME  Scope Plus Package includes:

  • Scorpyd ORION Crossbow in your choice of Draw Weight
  • Hawke 1.5X5 X32 IR Illuminated Scope standard, other scopes available on request.
  • 4 Arrow Quiver (subject to change)
  • Limbsaver Kodiak Sling (subject to change)
  • Short Sled Cocker (not included with ACUdraw)
  • String Stops
  • Bowjax Limb Dampers
  • Scope Rail
  • Sling Studs
  • 6 Arrows (Scorpyd SPEC GoldTip Laser III)
  • With or Without AcuDraw


Make sure to include the draw weight of the crossbow you want and your choice of a short sled cocker or a rope cocker in the comment section.

175# Scorpyd ORION Crossbow

  • 175# Draw Weight
  • Arrow speeds up to 440 fps
  • 173 lb ft KE

160# Scorpyd ORION Crossbow

  • 160# Draw Weight
  • Arrow speeds up to 420 fps
  • 158 lb ft KE

135# Scorpyd ORION Crossbow

  • 135# Draw Weight
  • Arrow speeds up to 390 fps
  • 133 lb ft KE

    110# Scorpyd ORION Crossbow

    • 110# Draw Weight
    • Arrow speeds up to 370 fps
    • 121 lb ft KE

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    ORION Base Kit-camo $1,499.00 USD
    ORION Base Kit-camo with AcuDraw $1,699.00 USD
    ORION Scope Plus Package-camo $1,799.00 USD
    ORION Scope Plus Package-camo with AcuDraw $1,999.00 USD

    Orion Basic Kit
    Orion Package
    Orion with AcuDraw Basic Kit
    Orion with AcuDraw Package