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EXTREME Series: What it is!


Scorpyd Crossbows has always been the industry leader when it comes to overall performance crossbows, but we just couldn’t leave well enough alone! The EXTREME Series of the Ventilator, Orion, and VTEC take crossbow performance to a level that has NEVER been achieved by a production crossbow! The Vent’ and Orion benefit from a newly engineered riser that allows the use of higher poundage limbs, and all three models benefit from a newly engineered and optimized cam. The Ventilator, Orion, and VTEC now have a maximum draw weight of 175# shooting speeds up to 440 f.p.s. with a 400 grain arrow. New draw weights for the EXTREME series crossbows are 175#, 160#, 135#, and 110#.

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Header2.pngScorpyd Crossbows is the inventor of Reverse Draw Technology Crossbows with numerous U.S. Patents issued and many pending. Our Patented short travel S.T.A.G. trigger has the industry’s best rated pull at less than 3#, with no creep. To view or buy our products, view our   Ventilator crossbows pages, or contact us for more information.