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About Scorpyd Crossbows

Scorpyd (Pronounced Score-Pid) Crossbows and Reverse Draw Technology are both creations of Crossbow innovator Jim Kempf. The technology that Jim Kempf created has now lead Scorpyd Crossbows to be one of the most effective hunting tools to date.

Reverse Draw Technology Started Here

Scorpyd Crossbow Owner Jim KempfIt was the fall of 2003. As Jim Kempf sat in a massive white oak tree in southeastern Iowa, he had no idea of the storm that was about to erupt.  As he waited for that buck of a lifetime, his mind began to wonder as it had so many times before… “what’s for dinner”… “should I be in a different stand”…”I wish I hadn’t drank all that water”… ” how could I make a better, quieter crossbow”.  Then like a bolt of lightning,  he was struck by the idea that would revolutionize the hunting world, and Reverse Draw Technology was born.

As all hunters know, speed is in the power stroke.  Shorter brace height bow = longer power stroke. Longer power stroke = faster arrow speed. Faster arrow speed = flatter trajectory. By reversing the riser and limb arrangement and putting the string at the leading edge, Jim essentially eliminated all of the brace height and  maximized the power stroke.  By pulling the string into the curve of the limbs instead of away from the limbs,  power stroke has dramatically increased, and so has performance.

History of Scorpyd Crossbows

Reverse Draw Hunting Crossbow TechnologyBasic crossbow design has been around for over 1000 years, with little change. Yes the industry has evolved with scopes, cams, more reliable triggers, and modern materials, but there was still one constant to achieve maximum performance:  a heavy draw weight.  A heavy draw weight results in a lot of shock and a loud report when firing!  For more information, please visit our Reverse Draw Technology page.

Crossbow Product Lines

Scorpyd Crossbows by Jim Kempf

Scorpyd Crossbows has several distinctive product lines.  The   Ventilator,  VTEC, and the ORION.  The VTEC Platform is the World’s Fastest most Powerful Crossbow. The Ventilator Platform is the World’s BEST Hunting Crossbow, due to the compact size.  The VTEC is also the World’s best Target crossbow, that also makes a great hunting crossbow. The ORION Platform is a non-folding stock  model that is available with or without the Patented AcuDraw crank cocking device.  For more information about our different product lines, please visit our Crossbows page.

Purchase Direct or Through an Authorized Dealer

YOU MAY PURCHASE YOUR SCORPYD CROSSBOW DIRECT FROM SCORPYD CROSSBOWS FROM OUR WEB SITE, OR if you live within 25 miles of one of our stocking dealers, you are required to purchased from them. To find a dealer near you or to become a dealer, please visit our Dealers page.

Crossbow Gear and Accessories

ACOG Crossbow 3x24 XB-1 ScopeScorpyd Crossbows carries a number of high quality accessories for both your crossbow and your hunting trip. Visit our Gear and Accessories page to find the gear that is right for you.

For More Information

Header2.pngScorpyd Crossbows is the inventor of Reverse Draw Technology Crossbows with numerous U.S. patents issued and many pending. Our PATENTED short travel S.T.A.G. trigger has the industry’s best rated pull at less than 3#, with no creep. To view or buy our products, view our VTEC, Orion, and Ventilator crossbows pages, or contact us for more information.